What is a Michigan Vacation Rental?

What is a Michigan vacation rental?

A vacation rental is a cabin, cottage, condo, lodge or luxury home that is available for rent. Freshwater Vacation Rentals are both owners and managers of vacation rentals throughout Michigan. Most vacation rentals in Michigan are owned by individuals or families.
Most of our Michigan vacation rentals can be rented for a weekend, up to a couple weeks. On rare occasions, guests request to stay in a Michigan vacation rental for a month, or just one night.

2017 Standard vacation rental amenities: beds, indoor toilet/shower, sheets, bath towels
2017 Premium (not-to-be-expected) vacation rental amenities: air conditioning, Wifi, cell phone reception, cable/satellite TV, bathtub or hot tub. screened-in porch, beach towels

Generally, our guests range in age between 25-75. Guests are predominately Michigan residents or from a neighboring state such as Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Ohio. Still, Freshwater Vacation Rentals welcome guests from all over the U.S.A, as well as the world, to Michigan each year.