Great Things to do with Kids in Michigan

With its diverse landscapes and vibrant communities, Michigan is a treasure trove of family-friendly activities that promise laughter, learning, and lasting memories. Whether you’re exploring the urban wonders of Detroit or basking in the natural beauty of the Great Lakes, the Wolverine State offers terrific things to do with kids.

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Let’s Discover the Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Michigan


1. Detroit Zoo: Where Learning Meets Fun

Located in Royal Oak, the Detroit Zoo is a haven for animal enthusiasts of all ages. With over 2,000 animals representing 240 species, the zoo provides an opportunity for kids to connect with wildlife from around the globe. From the underwater wonders of the Arctic Ring of Life to the playful antics of the primates in the Great Apes of Harambee exhibit, the Detroit Zoo ensures an educational and entertaining experience for the whole family.

2. Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation: A Journey Through Time

In Dearborn, the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation is a captivating destination for families eager to explore the evolution of technology and industry. Kids can marvel at iconic artifacts such as the Rosa Parks bus and the Ford Model T, immersing themselves in the rich history of American innovation. The museum’s interactive exhibits and hands-on activities make learning a joyous adventure.

3. Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore: Nature’s Playground

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and venture to the scenic wonders of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. With its sandy shores, towering dunes, and crystal-clear lakes, this natural paradise invites families to embrace outdoor adventures. From hiking the dunes to splashing in Lake Michigan’s gentle waves, the park offers a refreshing retreat where kids can connect with nature and experience the beauty of Michigan’s landscape.

4. Hiking Havens: Exploring Nature’s Treasures

Michigan boasts abundant hiking trails that cater to all skill levels, making it an ideal destination for families eager to embrace the great outdoors and wildlife encounters. Traverse the trails of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, where towering cliffs and breathtaking vistas await. They offer many different trails to explore, varying in length and difficulty. Each route provides awe-inspiring scenery and an excellent opportunity for families to connect with nature while fostering a love for hiking in the little ones.

Here are a few more recommendations for the best hikes in Michigan:

5. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum: Where Play Inspires Learning

For a mix of education and excitement, the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum is a haven for young minds. Located in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, this interactive museum is designed to engage children in imaginative play while fostering creativity and curiosity. From the “Bubbles” exhibit to the “Little Grand Rapids” play area, the museum offers a delightful blend of entertainment and education for kids of all ages.

6. Sandy Toes and Sunshine Smiles: Michigan’s Beach Bliss

No Michigan adventure is complete without a visit to its pristine beaches. Head to the western shores of Lake Michigan and discover the enchanting Warren Dunes State Park. With its towering dunes and sun-kissed shores, this destination promises a day of beachside fun. Build sandcastles, take a dip in the refreshing waters, or bask in the sun — Warren Dunes offers the perfect backdrop for creating beachside memories with the entire family.

For more beachy things to do for kids, see below:

7. LEGOLAND Discovery Center: Building Dreams Brick by Brick

For the LEGO enthusiasts in your family, the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Auburn Hills is a dream come true. This indoor attraction provides endless opportunities for creative play, featuring themed play zones, a 4D cinema, and even a MINILAND replica of Detroit. Kids can build, explore, and let their imaginations soar in this colorful and interactive LEGO wonderland.

8. Tasty Takeout: The Easy Button for Mealtime

When you are back from a long day of kid-friendly activities, it is to kick back and relax. While fixing dinner in one of our beautiful vacation rentals is an option, it may be easier for your family to grab takeout. Children of all ages get excited to explore culinary flavors through the drive-through. We have listed a few of the best takeout places in Michigan for you to enjoy.


Whether you’re exploring museums or embracing the great outdoors, the Great Lakes State ensures that every family finds their perfect adventure. Countless adventures await families in Michigan when they discover the many great things to do with kids, making it a destination that truly captures the magic of childhood. Whether you explore the state during the beautiful summer months or are looking for a fabulous e-learning opportunity, Michigan is the place to be.

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