Your Beginners Guide to Stargazing in Michigan

The vast wilderness and northern location make stargazing in Michigan some of the best in the country. Thanks to remote areas, far from light pollution, there is a year-round cosmic display in the night sky. From identifying constellations to viewing the Northern Light, you will be in awe. Stargazing is just one of the many incredible activities locals and visitors can expect from this beautiful state.

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Plan an evening of stargazing during your next visit or discover the wonder of faraway galaxies just a short road trip from your home in Michigan. With six state parks listed on the “Michigan Dark Sky Parks” list, three on the “International Dark Sky Parks” list, and one listed as an “International Dark Sky Sanctuary,” there is so much night sky to experience! Keep reading for a guide to the best places for stargazing in Michigan, tips for observing the many celestial events, and the best place to stay to be close to the action.

The Best Places to Stargaze in Michigan

All 103 Michigan State Parks and Recreation Areas are worth a visit. However, there are parks, sanctuaries, and areas best suited for stargazing. Before visiting any parks or suggested areas, visit their websites to verify road conditions and other special events. Most are open 24 hours a day and are marked with signage. Start a sky-viewing adventure at one of these beautiful and dark places.

Michigan Dark Sky State Parks

Michigan International Dark Sky Parks

Michigan International Dark Sky Sanctuary

The Michigan Upper Peninsula


Amazing Celestial Events

Here is a short list of things you can observe from one of Michigan’s amazing dark places. Be sure to check state park websites for guided events such as full moon hikes, plant observation, and more.

Tips and Equipment for Stargazing

  1. Download a star tracking/locator app to your phone.
  2. Bring a telescope and binoculars.
  3. Allow your eyes to adjust for at least ten minutes before observing the night sky.
  4. Avoid areas with bright street lights or lights from buildings.
  5. If you need a flashlight, use one with a red-lense filter.
  6. Use a paper star map to help locate constellations.
  7. Research the current night sky before you go so you know what is available for viewing.
  8. The best stargazing is on darker nights with a new or nearly new moon.

Where to Stay in Michigan for the Best Stargazing

lakefront vacation rental in michigan Most of our vacation rentals are perfect for stargazing. Many are located in more remote areas away from the town’s light pollution. However, our Upper Peninsula vacation rentals offer the best night-sky viewing. These beautiful rentals and cabins span the entire area, from Lake Superior to Lake Michigan, giving you access to an unbelievable array of activities. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life with a stargazing trip to the Upper Peninsula. Book your getaway today!

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