Fall means apples and apples mean apple cider in Michigan!  From the southern tip of the state near Chicago to the very northern tip of the state near Greenland, MI in the U.P. , cider mills abound.  Starting at Lehman’s Farmhouse, a brewery/distillery/winery located in downtown Buchanan, MI where all products are made on-site using fruits from Lehman’s Orchard to Algomah Acres Honey House Meadery, a “micro-meadery”, producing small batches of artisanal meads, and other mead related beverages such as pyments (mead that is fermented with grape juice) and cysers (mead fermented with apples), you can literally follow the western coast of Michigan, going from cider mill to cider mill.  Freshwater Vacation Rentals has cabins and cottages near many of the mills.  Rent one of our comfy cottages, and then take day trip tours to the local apple orchards/cider mills.  For more information on the location of all the apple orchards, go to:


Seven Million Acres…

Seven MILLION acres of breathtaking autumn brilliance in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! 
We are right around the corner from fall and the brilliance of color that stretches across Michigan. Nothing is quite as majestic as the Upper Peninsula in fall. The colors, the water, the bridges, the water falls . . . one could go on and on. There are 10 specific tours laid out for the leaf peepers that are worth your time. FRESHWATER VACATION RENTALS has over 30 cabins and cottages in the UP, where you can stay for your weekend – or week – away in fall.

Fall Tour 1 – 105 Miles
Fall Tour 2 – 200 Miles
Fall Tour 3 – 220 Miles
Fall Tour 4 – 165 Miles
Fall Tour 5 – 125 Miles
Fall Tour 6 – 183 Miles
Fall Tour 7 – 100 miles
Fall Tour 8 – 150 Miles
Fall Tour 9 – 90 Miles
Fall Tour 10 – 150 Miles


More more exact information on the fall tour routes please visit:




Are you a cyclist? If so, boy do we have the ride for you! Its called TOUR DA YOOP, EH and it’s a total ride of 1,200 miles in the U.P. You can chose to ride all of it, or only sections. It starts on 8/23 and the last leg is on 9/1. The U.P. is a bikers paradise. Whether it’s mountain, fat bike, cyclocross, road, trike, triathlon or any other form of human powered cycle, the Upper Peninsula has the natural goods to deliver, just show up and ride. One can ride for 100 miles in the UP and sometimes see less than 10 cars. It’s more likely that you’ll see a moose on the side of the road than have a car blast their horn behind you. Before and after your ride, you can stay at various Freshwater Vacation Rentals cottages and cabins near Manistique, Houghton, Marquette, and Sault Ste. Marie to unwind and relax those biking muscles. Check out the Tour Da Yoop, Eh’s website and then go to our website to find the cottages and cabins closest to where you are going to ride. For more information, go to:
8/23 – 1 – Manistique to Escanaba – 91 miles – 1,126 elevation gain
8/24 – 2 – Escanaba to Iron Mountain – 122 miles – 2,845 elevation gain
8/25 – 3 – Iron Mountain to Ironwood – 128 miles – 4,467 elevation gain
8/26 – 4 – Ironwood to Houghton – 125 miles – 4,385 elevation gain
8/27 – 5 – Copper Harbor Loop – 122 miles – 3,929 elevation gain
8/28 – 6 – Houghton to Marquette – 116 miles – 4,562 elevation gain
8/29 – 7 – Marquette to Grand Marais – 108 miles – 2,853 elevation gain
8/30 – 8 – Grand Marais to Sault Ste. Marie – 116 miles – 1,815 elevation gain
8/31 – 9 – Sault Ste. Marie to St. Ignace – 120 miles – 1,570 elevation gain
9/1 – 10 – St. Ignace to Manistique – 104 miles – 1,259 elevation gain

Farmers Markets

One of the best things about summer are all of the farmers markets. Farmers markets nationwide are experiencing a rebirth, as more people are demanding local, fresh and chemical free products. Luscious tomatoes, golden corn, onions, radishes, eggs! August is the perfect time to go to the local farmer’s markets that are near the FRESHWATER VACATION RENTALS property that you are renting. If you rent Tazelaar Cottage in Holland, the Holland farmer’s market is open Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8am – 4pm, and it’s fantastic. If you are staying at one of our fabulous Union Pier cottages, Skip’s open-Air European Framers Market is the place to go in New Buffalo MI. Anywhere you go for vacation in Michigan during the month August, you are certain to find a farmers market near you on Saturdays. Go – you will not regret it!


Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

Great Lakes Equestrian Festival

Event Dates
Every Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday from
07/04/2018 – 08/12/2018

Are you into horses? Do you love Northern Michigan? If you answered yes to both questions, then this is the perfect event for you! Come and see nationally and internationally rated hunter and jumper competitions and classic equestrian competitions for children, juniors, adults and amateur-owner riders in Williamsburg, MI. Each week, the Festival will also hold classes for young horses, open jumper classes and professional hunter derbies, culminating every Sunday with a Grand Prix show jumping competition. Gates are open Wednesday through Saturday from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM; Sundays from noon until 5:00 PM. For more information: Visit our cottages at Sugarloaf Sweet Retreat, Torch River Retreat and Captain Fran’s in Elmira, MI for places to stay while you watch the competition and enjoy Northern Michigan sites. Give us a call 884-MI-FRESH.