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REPUBLIC ISLAND (Michigamme River) 3 bedroom log cabin-simple boat(s) included, Dogs are Welcomed

Pets Welcome







 SLEEPS: 4 comfortably  
BEDROOMS:  1 small + 2 tiny (where only a full sized bed can fit comfortably)
BATHROOMS: 1 (shower only, no tub, with heated floors)
*ON RIVER (300 feet across the Michigamme River)
*ONLY ACCESSIBLE VIA WATER (hence the word, island)
*JON-BOAT, basic PONTOON (as possible) with a small, electric motor+ CANOE INCLUDED 
*PRIVATE DOCK (May-September)
*SWIMMING technically possible, yet not easy

Escape the ordinary vacation. Relax or be adventurous. Fish your heart out! This historic (1800's), 3 bedroom, cedar log cabin is nestled within a 2 acre rustic private island on the Michigamme River, just 300 feet from the shoreline. Flexibility is key. You will need to row or take the simple pontoon with a basic electric motor over to your own private island.

Electricity, running water, a land-line phone, satellite (Direct TV) + DVD and Wi-Fi are some of the creature comforts on this rustic island. Adirondack chairs circle the fire pit. Enjoy the wildflowers and wilderness. Rustic Décor throughout. The comfortable couches with with recliners allow you to kick-back in the evening where you can steam or watch old school cable TV.  Galley kitchen, breakfast bar, bathroom with shower, plus a gorgeous natural wood-burning cobblestone fireplace warms the living room. Linens and towels provided.

An open mind and flexibility are keys to enjoying your stay. The island is Water-access only. Be your own captain (or let us know you'll need assistance)! One of our boats will be waiting for you, as you venture off to the Island.  A Jon boat (best in low water), pontoon**NOT guaranteed (best in high water) with electric motor, canoe, aluminum boat are all provided for your sole use during your stay.  We try to keep all the boats running at all times, yet Spring and Fall are time it is most challenging. If you need a specific boat (i.e. pontoon)  to have the fun you dream about, then the Island may not be your best choice.  Flexibility is not only a nice virtue, but a necessity here.

Off-street and alongside road parking. Republic Island is the home of excellent fishing, bird watching, and canoeing.

Requirements for Island: You must be able-bodied enough to drive/row the boat/canoe, if needed. (If you may need assistance, please let us know.) For a comfortable Island stay, you need to have decent agility to walk up and down the uneven walkways. A positive, flexible attitude is essential for a good experience. As a Special Education teacher by trade, I wish we could find a way to accommodate all abilities in the Republic Island experience. While you do not need to be an athlete, at least an average level of agility is definitely required in order to have a positive experience for you and your family.


Animals: Yes, there are all kinds of animals that like to roam around the island. While you don't see most of them, you have to be someone who is comfortable in that true rustic, outdoorsy environment. This is not Disney World.  We have seen snakes (non-poisonous), mice, squirrels, otters, beavers, skunks and a raccoon. You are on a secluded parcel of land.  While we haven't seen any moose, deer or bear actually on the island, it's not an impossibility. We do our absolute best to keep all the critters away and out of the cabin. We do not use Decon within the cabin due to pets and children being part of our family of guests. Fall is the biggest challenge as the little critters, including mice, are looking for a warm place to stay the winter months. While we are vigilant about keeping critters at bay, at times they find their way in through an open door or food left out and about.  Critters love dog food.

Bathroom: Even though the Island is rustic, we do have a normal toilet and sink with a neat shower that has you surrounded by the logs of the 1800s.  We even have a wonderful, heated floor in the bathroom.  The bathroom has the historic drain slope of the room, which was customary at the time of new, indoor plumbing. We have tried to maintain the historic feel, while adding modern conveniences.

Beach/Swimming: There is NOT a traditional sandy beach around the Island.  Personally, I truly wish there was a way to make that happen. We’ve done our best to create a peaceful experience, yet being on a flowing river, there isn’t a simple way to maintain a sandy beach.  We recommend guests head into town (2 miles East) to enjoy the sandy beach area in Republic when they want to swim in a traditional manner. Plus, to be honest, the river bottom is generally muddy, so it isn't the ideal place to enjoy traditional swimming.  If you are an excellent swimmer, we do enjoy taking the pontoon boat out into the middle of the river, with the 1-2 mph current, jumping in and swimming around, yet I wouldn't recommend that for anyone who isn't a strong swimmer.  The middle of the river is 20 feet deep. Life jackets are provided and recommended for use on or swimming around the boats.

Boats: Ideally, basic boat knowledge is needed for the island.  Still, a ton of patience, a flexible attitude and sense of humor can make it work as well.  Generally the SPRING and the FALL are times where pontoon boat use is limited. There will be at least 1 boat available for your sole use, and we have up to 3 boats that may be available. I'm sorry, we can not guarantee which boats will be available for your use during your stay.
There will be one of the following boats available (yet no guarantee on which one):
      1. Simple pontoon boat with an electric motor. (4 mph max.  You must still be able to row, if needed.)
           We do our absolute best to keep the simple pontoon (with lawn chairs) up and running at all times.
           Fixing or replacing anything on the Island is a challenge. 

           That is also the excitement of being on an island.  We always do our best, but we require flexibility from our guests at times.
           There isn't a key.  We use a prop instead of keys. The pontoon isn't fancy at all. It functions like a floating barge. 
      2. Jon boat (flat bottom)
      3. Old Town Canoe

Considering bringing your own boat? Bring an extra dose of patience and flexibility.  There is a gravel launch within 1/2 mile and a nice cement launch 2 miles away, right off of MI-95.  Between the two 2 bridges between the launch and the Island, it is rocky if the water is low and if the water high, we have had to duck multiple times to get the pontoon underneath. 

The Michigamme River is quite rocky, and we've lost a few motors + props in the past 18 years. Hence, we only have a simple electric motor on the pontoon.  Your boating experience all depends on the fluctuating water levels. Sometimes your navigation skills are not enough, as the rocks seems to creep up as the water fluctuations are a natural occurrence.     We normally have 4 boats for your use during your stay, though at times we have to pull various ones due to the water levels. The jon boat with oars is always our trusted, simple boat.

ATV's:  Closest official ATV/snowmobile trail is 241, approximately 1.5 miles from the island.

Bugs: Yes, there are bugs on the Island. There are mosquitos. The Island vacation is not for everyone. It is for true outdoorsy guests who are flexible and love an adventure, while enjoying many of the amenities of an historic cabin. We've added a screened in porch to allow our guests to enjoy the Island scenery, while limiting the impact of mosquitos.

Cell phone service: Cell phone service is generally unreliable in the Upper Peninsula when you travel outside of Marquette and Escanaba. Since we have Wi-Fi, if you have an WIFI caling is a great way to use your phone, if your service isn't strong or nonexistent. Also, we do have a landline (VoIP).

Children: Our experience has been that kids either absolutely love or hate the Island experience. The kids who can entertain themselves and love the outdoors (especially fishing) think they are in heaven; It’s the best trip of their lives.  On the flip side, I’ve had even one parent leave early because her kids were so bored and therefore she couldn't relax.  Plus, they were scared of every sound and never wanted to leave the cabin. This isn’t Disney World. It is important to us that our guests have the best experience possible. There is a lot more to consider when we rent to the Island with families in mind.  I’ll admit that it wasn’t the easiest place to be when we had our 5 year old with us. It has gotten easier each year, though between 1-4 years old, it was huge challenge.  Our little Luke loved to explore and wander. There are steep parts of the island. We just had be extra-vigilant.

              * Parking spot to Island- 300 feet across the Michigamme - BY rowing or small electric pontoon 
              * Pictured Rocks: 1 hour and 45 minute drive

              * Marquette: 45 minutes (northeast)
              * Ishpeming: 20 minutes
              * Iron Mountain: 45 minutes (south               
               *Tahquamenon Falls State Park: 3 hours 
               *Mackinac Bridge: 3 hours and 50 minutes away. (205 miles)

Dock: The docks are floating docks. Due to the fluctuation of the Michigamme River levels we are not able to control, yet do our best to control the placement of the docks.   During late summer/fall, and the Michigamme River can be low and muddy. Please bring boots, plus your patience between mid-August and October.

Fishing: Generally, the Island has very good fishing. Small mouth bass, walleye, perch, pike and pan fish are what most of our guests report catching.  If you are a trout fisherman, trout can be caught in the upper Michigamme River. Most tributaries have brook trout that flow into the Michigamme, yet it is not a trout stream per se. I would recommend our Tioga Falls Cabin if you are interested in trout fishing.

Fishing License: You can purchase your fishing license online at
The closest place to purchase a fishing license in person is:
Coming from the south (Iron Mountain)  Peter's True Value of Republic 154 Evergreen, (South) Republic, MI 49879 (906) 376-2032
Coming from the north (Champion) Koski Korners (BP Gas Station): 13401 US Highway 41W, Champion, MI 49814 (586) 582-0960

Fishing poles: I would advise you to bring your own fishing poles to the Island. While you may be lucky and find one or 2 there, we can't guarantee any will be there upon your arrival.

Grill: 2 new grills for the 2023 season!  We actually have both an electric grill and a charcoal grill (carrying the propane refills back and forth became daunting, so we made the switch.) You may get lucky if the previous guest left some charcoal, but to be safe we suggest you pick up charcoal on your way there.

Grocery Store: The closest, full-sized grocery store is about a 1/2 hour drive from the cabin, Ishpeming. It is the IGA Jubilee in Ishpeming, right on U.S 41. If you are driving from Wisconsin/Chicago, the last grocery store is in Iron Mountain.
There is a little store in the town of Republic (Maki's), about 15 minutes from the cabin, yet there isn't a large selection, and the prices are convenience-store equivalent.
There is another little store in South Republic (Peter's Hardware Store- 154 Evergreen, Republic, MI 49879- 9a-6p) - just go South on MI-95 and you'll see the turn on the left.

There is a larger convenience store/BP Gas station (Koski Korners) on the corner of U.S. 41 and MI-95, about 20 minutes north of the cabin.

Hammock: We do have a hammock on the Island. I love it! Enjoy!

Internet:  High-Speed Wi-fi is on the Island! Viasat (Satellite) Download up to 150 Mbps; Upload up to 3Mbps)

Linens: Yes, we provide your sheets and linens. Just like a hotel, the beds will be made for you upon arrival. We have  basic sheets, pillows, pillow cases and bath towels.

Noise: Even though you may feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere, loud noise & music does travel. Please be respectful of others in the area.

Parking: You can either park your car in the off-road parking spot or alongside River Road. We highly recommend that you pull into the parking space, just in case one of the logging trucks drives by. The roadside adjacent to the path leading toward the Island is available for your car as well.

Pets: Dogs are welcome! Freshwater Vacation Rentals currently charges $75/per pet. We do ask that you please clean up after them both inside and outside the cabin. Plus, if you allow your dogs on the furniture, we do ask that you please bring your own linens/blankets. Generally, dogs love the Island with all the water and places to explore.  Their food does tend to attract mice, so vigilance is needed.

Space: Our 1100 sq. ft. log cabin on a 2 acre Island, it is ideal for 2-4 people.  It is considered very tight for 6 people.  The island experience is unique in that it brings out the true essence in people when they have a chance to get away from it all. Six different personalities, especially if they aren't in one family unit, can set the stage for conflict. There are people who feel claustrophobic on an island, even though you can literally see your car 300 feet across the river.  It takes about 5 minutes to get across in the boat.  We have always had very positive feedback from couples and small families. 

Towels: Yes, we provide basic bath towels.  It's always good to bring extra beach towels.

T.V: 40 in. Flat screen, Smart TV

Washer and dryer:  No. Due to the sensitive septic system, this remains on my wish list.

Wood: Yes, we provide firewood for Republic Island.  We will leave you a handful of started logs on the Island. Once you have burned through the starter pieces, you are welcome to get as much wood as you need during your stay in the parking space on the other side of the road, across from the Island. We ask our guests to please let us know if the wood pile is getting low so we can order more wood. Everyone uses firewood at different speeds. Please note: We have had guests find it too taxing to carry the firewood back and forth.  From personal experience of carrying a chord over, I concur. Therefore, we are offering half face chord of wood to be delivered directly to the Island for you for an additional $100.  Please let us know if you are interested in this option. 


Property/Indoor Amenities
  • Acreage
  • Air conditioner unit (window or portable unit)
  • Basic Paper Products (Paper Towel & TP)
  • Blankets
  • Blow Dryer
  • Board Games
  • Books
  • Box Fans
  • Cable- Satellite TV
  • Ceiling fans
  • DVD player
  • Fireplace-wood-burning
  • Firewood is Provided.
  • Heated bathroom floors
  • Internet/ WiFi
  • Linens & Towels included
  • Log Cabin
  • Pets allowed
  • Radio/CD Player
  • Screened-in porch
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Smart TV w/ streaming
  • Telephone/Landline
  • TV with DVD player only
  • Vacuum
Kitchen Amenities
  • Blender
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee Makers: Drip and Keurig (some K-cups provided)
  • Cooking and Baking Pans
  • Keurig--some K-cups provided
  • Microwave
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Soaps (Hand & Dish Soap)
  • Standard Kitchenware & Utensils
  • Stove
  • Toaster
Outdoor Amenities
  • Canoe or Kayak included
  • Composting toilet (no water)
  • Deck/Patio
  • Fire Pit (plus Roasting Skewers)
  • Firewood Provided for guests
  • Good Fishing
  • Grill-Charcoal
  • Grill--Electric
  • Hammock
  • Jon Boat-not guaranteed, please ask
  • Patio Chairs
  • Picnic Table
  • Pontoon boat-not guaranteed, please ask
  • Private Boat Dock
  • Swimming on Property

Season Period Min.Stay Nightly Weekly
January - December 2024 01/01/2024 - 12/31/2024 2 $149.00
January - December 2025 01/01/2025 - 12/31/2025 2 $0.00


Heaven on Island
Was perfect for my family of 3(me/husband and teenager of 14)We are a bit outdoorsy so we vibed really well with this cabin. Description was spot on and customer service is one of the best I have had the pleasure to interact with!!! We are making plans for a return trip already.


We are so delighted to know that the Island was able to work so well for your family's stay Jinger! We also appreciate the phenomenal compliment to our team here at Freshwater, and knowing that you found the description to be spot on! We can't wait to have you back! 
Aug 2023
5 stars
I loved it! I wish it were closer so I could go more often!

Michael, we love your enthusiasm and hope that you will come back again.
Jul 2023
Very enjoyable stay!
Thanks for the use of the place! Very relaxing.


Hi Erek! We're delighted to know you enjoyed your stay at Republic Island, and found the stay to be relaxing! We would love to have you back!
May 2023
5 stars
Perfect place to get away and do some fishing.


Thank you for sharing your review Rick! We're glad to know that you enjoyed your stay and had some good luck with the fishing! Hopefully we will have a chance to host you again!
Oct 2022
5 stars
My grandmother used to own this property when I was a young boy, so it was very nice to come out and reminisce about the old times I had there when I was little. Very well accommodated and very beautiful scenery. I will definitely be coming back again. If I could give this place 10 stars, I would.


That is so wonderful to know about your grandmother owning the island years ago, Jason! It's such a cool spot, that the new owners have put a lot of additional love and care into, so we are so happy to know you were able to make a trip back to reminisce on old times growing up! We would truly love to have you back!
Aug 2022
5 stars
My friend and I had an absolute wonderful time! I would definitely consider your accommodations again, the fresh air of the UP is amazing! I am planning to book accommodations with you again and can't wait for my next adventure. 


Hi Janis, thank you for sharing your review! The UP truly does have fresh air that is incomparable! We are so happy to know you enjoyed your stay, and look forward to having a chance to host you again! 
Aug 2022
5 stars
Nice place, nice service

Paul, thanks for this short but sweet review.  We hope to work with you again.
Jun 2022
Love it!
Once again the cabin experience was as described! This is our 5th summer in a row of renting it for a week. Our family has made so many good memories during our time together there. The cabin is always clean & ready for us when we arrive. The kitchen is stocked with every pot, pan, silverware & dishes a family could need - greatly appreciated. And our teens appreciated the big-screen TV, DirecTV, and the [challenging] wifi. The screened-in porch was a favorite spot for meals. Nothing like feeing you are up in the trees with the UP's birds while not being disturbed by the UP's famously voracious flies & mosquitoes. We were minimally disturbed inside the cabin by the resident rodents (we were fully aware that they were to be expected lol). The pontoon, canoe, & jon boats saw lots of usage, whether for fishing, watching the bald eagles, or a leisurely excursion. The understory vegetation is welcomed in regard to privacy screening and appreciating the nature UP environment. The island experience was a much-needed break from the rat race. It is close to towns & their amenities if you chose to go off island. And there are many UP natural features that are an easy drive away. But this year, we chose to spend most of our time just soaking up the peace & quiet of the cabin, island, and the river.


Eric & Kristine, what an amazing review!  Just the fact that you have come to the Island five times says it all.  We're glad that the peace and quiet were what you were hoping for.  We love that your kids like the big screen TV!  We look forward to vacation #6!
Eric & Kristine
Jul 2021
Great outdoor vacation
What a great place to get away from it all.

Mike, we agree, Republic Island is the perfect place to really get away from it all!  It was great having you as our guests, ad we'd love for you to come back.
Oct 2020
Very nice
This was a great place to visit! Easy access very clean has WiFi! I would definitely come back.

Eric, we would love to have you come back!  It was a pleasure hosting you.
Sep 2020
Absolutely loved our visit! We requested a later check out and they were more than obliging which was great. The cabin was beautiful and everything we wanted and more. We went with another couple and we plan to make this an annual trip and plan to stay longer. We cannot wait until next September be back!!

Chesney, knowing that you loved your visit made our day!  We are glad that we could accommodate the later check out for you, and that you plan to make this an annual trip.  We look forward to seeing you in 2021!
Sep 2020
Absolutely amazing
This rental was amazing. The cabin was clean and comfy. It had everything you could need. It was peaceful and relaxing. Already planning a return trip!

Greg , we love that you are already planning your return trip! 
Republic Island is a unique property.  This historic (1800's), 3 bedroom, cedar log cabin is nestled within a 2 acre rustic private island on the Michigamme River, just 300 feet from the shoreline. It sleeps  4 and your dog can join you!  See you soon!
Jul 2020
5 stars
This is our family’s 4th year in a row going to republic island.We love the peaceful and laid back atmosphere in this location.We would recommend to anyone that would like to “get away from it all”.We give it 5 stars ⭐️

Eric & Kristine, we love having you back for t4eh 4th year and look forward to the 5th!  Republic Island is a very special property and a great place to go to "get away from it all."  See you soon!
Eric & Kristine
Jul 2020
The cabin was well equipped. The boats were nice and did the job. The location is very relaxing. The property description is accurate. It's not for everyone but might be just right for you.

Brian, we are happy to hear that you enjoyed the adventure of Republic Island!  You are right, it is not for everyone.  It's a historic, rustic 3 bedroom log cabin that welcomes your dog.  it's on the Michigamme River and is only accessible via boat.  We hope to see you back again!
Jun 2020
This unique island cabin is just what you see & read about in the listings. It's a true north woods cabin, and the kitchen is very nice. There is no cell service, and the WiFi is not reliable, but there is a land line in the cabin. There's a huge fire pit in front of the cabin--great for keeping warm while stargazing (the stars are AMAZING!).

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Susan, stargazing is the best fun ever and you are right, Republic Island is the perfect place to do it!  We are so happy that you enjoyed your stay at this unique , private island property, and we hope that you come back again.
Nov 2019
Incredible, isolated cabin in the middle of the woods
We had an absolutely amazing time staying at the Republic Island cabin. I agree with the owner that if you are not up for a semi-rustic experience, this rental is probably not for you. That said, the cabin was exceptionally well put together. We enjoyed the cool October nights cuddled next to the crackling fireplace amidst the seclusion of the north woods. It has all the basics for a stay, and although you definitely feel pretty isolated, it’s an easy boat ride across the river and back to civilization. This was definitely one of the most unique places we’ve ever stayed, from the original wood logs of the 1800s cabin to the lovely heated tile floors in the bathroom to the views of the Michigamme river flowing by out of every room. We will absolutely be returning here in the future!

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Benjamin, the best recommendation is when a guest says they will come back again, so thank you for this review.  Republic Island is certainly unique.  It is stunning to be there in the fall.  The island is water-access only, and there is a lot of wildlife on the island to observe.  We'll look for your next reservation!
Oct 2019
Two Words: Private Island
The place was clean and cozy, and the surroundings were pretty. Plus it was nice to have WiFi despite being so remote!

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Paul, Republic Island is remote and fabulous.  It is a 3 bedroom log cabin where pets are welcome.  This is no ordinary vacation spot.  You have the entire island to yourself.  We hope to see you back again.
Oct 2019
This place was awesome! Wish we would’ve had a few more day to enjoy it longer we will definitely be back!!

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Brynn, when our guests describe a property as "awesome," we know we've got it right!  It is a unique, quiet property on an island, perfect for really getting away from it all.  We hope to see you again.
Oct 2019
We had a great time and enjoyed the novelty!

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Erika, we love that you appreciated the novelty of Republic Island!  This historic (1800's), 3 bedroom, cedar log cabin is nestled within a 2 acre rustic private island on the Michigamme River, just 300 feet from the shoreline.  Talk about getting away -  you have the entire  island to yourself.  We'll look for your return!
Oct 2019
The description that is shared is spot on. It is exactly what they describe. Really enjoyed our time on the island. Wish we could have stayed longer.

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Charity, we are so happy that you enjoyed staying on Republic Island  It is a very special place, with excellent privacy.  Next time you will have to stay longer!
Sep 2019
Great place
Great place

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Edward, we are happy to hear that you enjoyed Republic Island.  It is a very special property - the only one on the island in fact.  It sleeps 4, has a screened in porch and pets are welcome.  Electricity, running water, a land-line phone, satellite (Direct TV) + DVD and WiFi internet are some of the creature comforts on this rustic island. We hope to see you again.
Sep 2019
Great place wish it had a washer and dryer but other than that it was wonderful!
Very simple process!

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Octavia, Republic Island is a very special place for those who really want to get away from it all.  The island is only accessible by water.  There is a jon-boat, a canoe and when the river runs high, a pontoon boat to serve as your taxis.  Your pup is welcome on the island, and there is a screened in porch for guests' comfort.  While we realize a washer and dryer would be a great addition, it would be difficult to install in this rustic property.  We'd love to work with you again.
Aug 2019
Love it
If you like camping with all the comforts of home you will love this place.This was our 3rd year here and we just love the peaceful tranquility of the Island.We see more people in 5 minutes at home than we do all week.

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Eric & Kristine, we loved having you back for the 3rd year!  There is no better review than when  our guests return year after year.  Republic Island is such a unique place, and as you said, its perfect for really getting away from everything!  See you next year.
Eric & Kristine
Aug 2019
Epic escape
My husband and I went to the island for our first wedding anniversary. This area reminded us of the mountains of North Carolina we were married in, just a little smaller. The surrounding water was peaceful and serene. The cabin was clean and comfortable, they provided all of the necessary amenities. I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys a unique experience and an escape from anan escape from the hustle of everyday life. We wished we could have stayed longer!

Freshwater Vacation Rentals Response
Mandy, you'll have to come again and stay longer!  Republic Island is a unique property, perfect for those who really like to get away.  It sleeps 4 and has a screened in porch, which is perfect when it's buggy outside  Flexibility is key. You will need to row or take the simple pontoon with a basic electric motor over to your own private island.  We'd love to see you back again.
Aug 2019
A fun stay in a lovely woodsy environment.


Republic Island is a pretty cool place, especially if you want privacy.  We're so happy that you enjoyed it.
Aug 2018
Great place to get away from it all.
We had a great time being in the middle of the U.P. and still having some of the creature comforts like WiFi and tv. The fishing was good and the pontoon was a great platform to fish from safely. There is a large small mouth bass that hangs to the left of dock, he got away twice before I could get the net on him. He had to be at least 20 inches. We walked a trail off of River Road and picked a bag of wild blueberries and raspberries. The island is also centrally located so we were able to take a couple of day trips and explore some of the sites of the U.P.

Peter, it sounds like you had a great  vacation, and we're so happy that Republic Island was the perfect place for you.  Small mouth bass, wild raspberries and blueberries sounds like the perfect meal!  We look forward to seeing you again.
Aug 2018
We love Republic Island!
We stayed on the island the week from 6/23 to 6/30/18. This was our 2nd time staying on the island. It was perfect this year for us since we brought our dogs (as usual) and our grandbaby. She is 1 1/2 years old and absolutely loved being able to run outdoors and be on the boat. The fishing was great this year. We caught walleye, perch, crappie, small mouth bass, pike, and rock bass. The biggest pike was 32" and made Mark's day! Our dogs love the ability to run and explore. They enjoyed chasing the snake and the chipmunks. They always enjoy the time on the boat. This was our 3rd year using Freshwater Vacation rentals and look forward to next year!


We love our returning guests, especially when they appreciate the joy of Republic Island like you do.  Your little grandbaby is so lucky to have you as grandparents, who take her into nature for vacations.  Between your pups and the fish she watched you catch, she will have many happy memories of Republic Island.  Thank you for letting us be a part of those memories!
Jul 2018
Absolutely Perfect
I know there are other reviews and comments about bringing children to the island, but from a family who normally tent camps for summer vacation, this was the perfect getaway! We arrived to the island to find everything we needed and more! The bedrooms each have full size beds so there was plenty of room for all of us. Everyone quickly claimed rooms and began exploring the island. The cabin is simple and rustic and filled with local history and history of the island as well as interesting photos throughout the cabin. You can see the river from almost every window! The cabin came stocked with everything we needed to get through the week with cooking utensils, a coffee pot, grill and even games and reading material. We even found a high chair under the deck to use for our youngest! There isn't really a place to swim right off the island, but we found that the river gets deep enough in a couple places to swim off the row boat, there is also a beach a couple miles down the road, or a state park about 30 minutes away to go swimming. We ate all our meals on the screened in porch and spent every night around a camp fire roasting marshmallows. The cabin does have a very nice flat screen TV which we used maybe twice to let the kids watch some morning cartoons while my wife and I got ready. There is a canoe which we used several times to explore around the river, and my son used the flat bottom boat for fishing every day! We only used the WiFi to send pictures to friends and family. You really do need to be an outdoors family to enjoy the island and even with the TV and WiFi, it is very rustic, yet beautiful. If your kids aren't able to easily entertain themselves by exploring or fishing, then this probably isn't the location for you, but for my family this was 100% the right place! By the end of the trip, no one wanted to leave. All our kids said this was the best family vacation we've had yet and my wife and I agree. We made reservations to come back next year before we were halfway home and foresee many years of summer vacations at the island! Thank you to the hosts for providing such an amazing location to share! The island brought my whole family closer and we can't wait to come back!


Jeffery, your review made my day.  This is the perfect review of Republic Island for guests considering coming to the island to read.   I could actually visualize you all being there, and I love that your kids said it was the best vacation ever! Knowing that you are coming back next year, and hopefully for years to come, says it all!
Jul 2018
Wonderful Time!
We stayed on the island the week from 6/23 to 6/30/18. This was our 2nd time staying on the island. It was perfect this year for us since we brought our dogs (as usual) and our grandbaby. She is 1 1/2 years old and absolutly loved being able to run outdoors and be on the boat. The fishing was great this year. We caught walleye, perch, cropie, small mouth bass, pike, and rock bass. The biggest pike was 32" and made Mark's day! Our dogs love the ability to run and explore. They enjoyed chasing the snake and the chipmunks. They always enjoy the time on the boat. This was our 3rd year using Freshwater Vacation rentals and look forward to next year!


Chantel, we love having you back!  Republic Island is the perfect place for your dogs, and I'm sure that your grandbaby was in heaven.  Having freedom in nature can not be beat.  And the fish, oh my goodness what were you using for bait?  Way to go.  Mark needs to get an award for that pike.  See you next year!
Jul 2018
Great 'wilderness' getaway!
We spent a wonderful week on Republic Island in mid-June. The cabin was great and had lots of charm. We thought the best place to hang out was the screened in porch on the back of the cabin. The heated floor in the bathroom and on-demand hot water were well appreciated on chilly mornings! The cabin is accurately labelled as for the adventurous. We were happily isolated from all human activity and thoroughly enjoyed exploring the river by boat and canoe. The fishing was also excellent! Two pieces of advice for future travelers. 1. Bug spray. 2. If the electric motor on the pontoon suddenly quits, there is a red breaker switch that can be snapped back into place which is mounted on the back wall of where the batteries are stored under the pontoon seats.


Sarah, Republic Island is truly the place to go to get away from everything.  We're so happy that you enjoyed your stay.  That screened in porch is the best!  Thanks for your advice, especially for the pontoon.
Jun 2018
Republic Island Cabin
I very much enjoyed my stay. It was as unique a vacation experience as I have had, being so close to home. It was a very cute and well kept cabin, and had a surprising amount of amenities. I did experience some issue with the pontoon boat, as the push pole was cracked, and the first time I went to use it, the end broke off, cutting my hand. Aside from that, the experience of using the boat to get back and forth was quite fun. I did leave some Kerosene and recreational fuel there, we had to get some to start the campfires, as the wood still had alot of moisture in it. I hope to be able to rent this cabin again in the future, as it was very enjoyable.

We are thrilled you enjoyed your adventurous stay! Sorry to hear of the pontoon incident. We will get on maintenance right away. Thank you for leaving the Kerosene...yes, wet wood is troublesome. 
We look forward to seeing you next year! 
Oct 2017
peace and quiet
we had a very good time.. the cabin was rustic and awesome...seen nasty snake but just one.. seen hummingbird.hawk.cute little chipmunk.. several baby frogs it was awesome.. we loved it will come again...just beautifulp

We are happy you enjoyed your stay! Wow...sounds like Wild Kingdom up there! That is so cool to enjoy nature in that realm. Thank you for letting us know! We hope to host you again :) Let us know your dates, we are already taking bookings for 2018 at the island.
Sep 2017
We had eight people in our family stay at the cabin, including two small children and we had a wonderful time. Two people in our group slept in a tent. There was a nice grassy area for the tent. The rest of us slept comfortably in the cabin. We loved the pontoon boat and we all went fishing daily. The young children in our family loved the island and the river. Wood for fires in the fire pit was provided and we had a fire every day. Thank you for a wonderful vacation.

It is so nice for a family to enjoy the island. It has so much to offer. Thank you for booking with us. We hope you consider choosing Freshwater for your next vacation!
John & Nancy
Aug 2017
Republic Island July 20-27 2017
A wonderful bit of seclusion. We enjoyed the quiet, the river and the peacefulness. I would stay up by the fire and here the mysterious sounds of the UP at night and wonder what they were caused by (sometimes a little scary). The only downer was our last full day there when I decided to fill up the car with gas before we left in the morning. I was about 10 feet from the River Road dock when the electric motor on the pontoon quit. The wind and the current quickly took me down river. I drifted past the cabin and fortunately my wife was within hearing distance and I told her what had happened and to call the number left for emergencies. To make a long story short I figured out the circuit breaker had trouble staying connected and I made it back to the cabin. My wife and I would like to give a special thanks to Tim. He came to my rescue and was exceptional with his generosity and helpfulness. He went out of his way to help us with our luggage and make sure we made it to the car the next day without floating down the river. He is a very very nice man.

We LOVE Tim too! Nothing like a little adventure down the river! We are happy it all worked out and you enjoyed your stay. Thank you for booking with us! We are taking booking for 2018 already, so let us know if you are interested in future dates!
Aug 2017
Comfortable Authentic Log Cabin Experience
We vacationed on Republic Island the third week in May. The cabin was tastefully decorated, clean, and well stocked. TV reception was good. The beds were comfortable. The water from the faucet tasted fine. The shower was phenomenal. Crossing the river in the pontoon boat only took a few minutes. At the cabin, we enjoyed watching the waterfowl and taking in spectacular sunsets reflecting over the river in the evening. The river can be seen from every room in the cabin. Bugs weren't present when we visited. (In the past, we learned to use Thermacell lanterns in the UP during bug season which cleared out the worst of mosquito hatches.) Highlights for us in the area included viewing moose on two separate occasions, (one near near Van Riper State Park and the other off Hwy 95), hiking at Craig Lake State Park, Van Riper State Park, the Iron Ore Heritage Trail, and the McCormick Wilderness Tract off Co. Road 607. The Peshekee River runs along just about the entire length of Co. Rd. 607 up to the McCormick Wilderness Tract. Canyon Falls and Sturgeon River Gorge were our favorite waterfalls. The cabin had brochures for attractions in the area. The Michigan Department of Tourism sent us a Marquette Region Hike and Bike Trail Guide for free which I'd recommend. We did a lot of back road touring on logging roads. Very few of those roads had any signs and it's easy to fall off course, so pack your patience if you go that route. We saw the most wildlife off major highways. If you like a bit of adventure, you can't go wrong with Republic Island and the surrounding area. Check them out on Facebook too!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback. We are thrilled you enjoyed your stay on Republic Island! We love the moose too!

~Freshwater Team
Jean & Steve
Jun 2017
It is a neat little historic cabin. Everything was small but comfortable. Spent most of our time in the screen porch, nice addition. Lugging gear up and down the hills took a bit of effort, but earned a beer after that. I liked the hammock out on the point. Pretty nice views from up and down the river. Having the internet allowed us to keep tabs on storm fronts. Radar let us know good times to light the grill. Grilled out lunch and dinner every day. Almost used the whole 18 lb bag. After our week on the island, we would go back and would recommend it to others.

The island is not for the weak of is for the adventurer, which you have proved to be! We are thrilled you enjoyed your stay on our island. We love the hammock as well! Next time you are up for a Michigan adventure, please check out our 54 other vacation rentals, we would love to see you again!
Jun 2017
Most Wonderful Time
I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the most wonderful and relaxing weekend my friends and I have had in a long time. What a beautiful cabin and area. Everything was perfect. 

*FRESHWATER RESPONSE:   Thank you so much for the kind words! We are thrilled to hear you and your friends had a relaxing weekend.  It is such a peaceful area!  We hope to have you back in the future! ~FVR
May 2017
FRESHWATER VACATION RENTALS RESPONSE: Thanks for sharing! We will be here when you're ready to plan your next getaway to Republic Island! 
May 2017
Great experience!
Great service! Had my honey moon in the UP! Great experience!
Dec 2016
Great time!
“We had a great time celebrating our anniversary at Republic Island. Some brilliant early fall color and the serene, isolated location was great for relaxing. I fished and my wife did yoga overlooking the water. The cabin itself has great historic charm and was immaculately clean and well-stocked with everything we could have needed. The pontoon boat made for easy commuting back and forth in what seemed to be relatively high water conditions. Be sure to check out the nearby Black River Falls!”
Oct 2016
Rustic, Relic, Unique, Charm, Peace, Serenity, and Solitude - I have found everything on my wishlist, and of course I can say "I RENTED MY OWN ISLAND" for a week. 1st: The 1800's Log Cabin to me has lots of history. It's "SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND"...the outside is not much to look at, but there is a GEM on the inside. It takes alot to keep history alive, and the proud owner's have done a fine job, with just a few little touchups here and there to maintain it. The ground maintenance at our time of arrival, the grass could have been mowed and some trimming along the edges would have been nice. 2nd: There are homes throughout the Michigamme River, possibly vacation homes or weekend homes, however, they were only there on the weekend, there were absolutely no-one there during solitude was all you had, and I so enjoyed it. We had the whole Michigamme to ourselves. I canoed the Michigamme day in and day out in hopes to see a Moose (no luck). Fishing the Michigamme was quite a task. We lost 3 small mouth bass, and caught 1 Rock Bass, and 1 Northern Pike (my husband's goal, so he is happy). We had a campfire, and a romantic fire in the Cobblestone Fireplace each night. I had to call Cara because upon arrival there was NO firewood on the Island, and only a couple of handfuls of firewood at the landing, so we had to get restocked. The only complaint, and something to possibly consider for the owners, is that the Island should be completely stocked upon arrival for your new renter. We drove 10-1/2 hours and arrived at the landing at 1 am, we had a very uncomfortable night sleeping in the truck until daylight, so we can see the waterway to the Island (we didn't sleep at all, due to the excitement). So at daylight we unloaded and loaded the pontoon (thank God the water level was up and we had the pontoon available), and took our week long belongings and had to unload them and put them away, then we had to go back and load and unload firewood (several trips back & forth, up & down the hills) husband was not happy with that part whatsoever, as we are to relax, not have to work (and it was work) right when we got there, so it would have been nice, and maybe for future renters, as a suggestion to the owners, this would make their start of vacation a little more relaxing. We had amazing weather all during our stay, and if & when it rained, it was while we were sleeping. I took amazing pictures and have shared some of them. In regards to Gods' wonderful creatures that he had placed on this earth, I would like to share that I did come across 2 snakes (1-momma & 1-baby), 2 Chipmunks (1- to which was delightfully friendly, and I was able to feed him right out of my hand; (he sure is not starving), we saw a Bald Eagle two different times (not close enough where I could acutally get a good pic), and had our fair share of mesqueto's. We played corn hole that we had brought for entertainment, and cards each night with our 2 girls (ages 17). Satilite/Direct TV and WIFI, made life much easier with the girls, and of course with me sharing my experience with everyone on FB. We ventured off the Island 2 different times, once to go to SugarLoaf Mountain, and the other Walmart (an hour away there). I would recommend this beautiful Gem to anyone, and if anyone would like to contact me via FB, I would be more than happy to share my memories on Republic Island. I do want to have all *BEWARE* of the floating dock at the landing, extremely unsafe, as they were all over the place, so it made loading and unloading a little on the wobbly side, my daughter after falling in had fixed the main connection, but going to the additional stretch, there was no way of getting it connected. I would suggest all whom step foot on Republic Island to enjoy a life of pure bliss, to read the journals & the history. I found it to be so enjoyable reading alls' adventures. I would like to say Thank You to both Cara & Mark, for allowing us (the Emery Family) an opportunity to stay on a little piece of Heaven on Earth - REPUBLIC ISLAND. FRESHWATER RESPONSE: Thank you for your kind words, Emery Family! We are in LOVE with your pictures! Thank you so much for sharing them on Facebook and to us personally. You are right, we are constantly working on maintaining the island cabin. It's a challenge that we are always trying to uphold. I'm glad you appreciate the solitude as much as we do on the island. Landscaping: We fell short with your stay about the outside grounds and I deeply apologize. We realized that we need to add additional hands to help with the outside maintenance. Firewood: While I appreciate your suggestion of having the firewood completely stocked on the island, we are unable to maintain that level of regular service without increasing the weekly rate. Years ago, when we first started supplying unlimited firewood for our guests, Mark and I spent 10 hours carrying load after load over to the island. It was the longest day of physical labor I have ever worked in my life. (I'm a teacher by trade, so that may not be saying much. Lol.) Mark and I proudly thought our efforts would supply our guests with firewood for the summer. Two weeks later, the wood was gone. The first 2 families of the season had burned all the wood it took us 20 hours of labor to carry over and beautifully stack on the island for the whole summer. Therefore, since our intention was to supply unlimited wood for the convenience of our guests, we figured we could still offer that amenity, yet we would need to have the guests carry over the wood. Thank you for immediately calling to tell us that you needed additional wood. I'm glad we were able to get it out to you quickly. Our goal is that a few logs are ready to start a fire upon your arrival. Still, based on your feedback, we will now provide the wood-carry over option as an additional option guests can purchase. We'll continue to provide the wood, yet we now provide the additional option of having someone carry it over for you at a reasonable rate. Docks: Again, I sincerely apologize that the floating docks were floating waaayy too much. Once we realized that the docks had loosened, we added additional poles and further tightened down the bolts. Please accept my apologies. That is definitely not how the docks are supposed to behave. The Michigamme River can get quite strong during a storm and it rustles the docks. We have made improvements to ensure this doesn't happen again. Thank you for being such great, flexible adventurous guests. We sincerely hope to have you back again. Sincerely, Cara
Jun 2016
Rest and Relaxation
After a week of rest and relaxation we went away rejuvenated and ready to tackle our everyday high stressed lives. The hammock was a nice surprise. Loved the stone fireplace and heated bathroom floor. Submitted: Oct 19, 2010
May 2016
Fantastic Cabin!
We actually were invited to go stay at this cabin with 2 friends of ours, and well we were like sure we have never been this far north. We live in IL. Looked cute and hidden away. We also were able to bring our dogs..which I might add LOVED it I was able to not worry about them just let them out the dog and on they went sniffing. I don't know what those grown evergreen's were but they just layed in them. We only stayed 3 nights after the 2nd night I wanted to stay longer but had to be back to work on Monday so sadly that was not going to happen. I have booked this place for just me and my husband for a week. We are looking forward to our stay. We want to stay longer so we can enjoy how peaceful it is and also maybe have time to explore around. We also went to an antique shop in town it was very nice and the guy there was very helpful We can not wait till our next stay and I am sure the dogs are looking forward to it as well. If you are looking for a place to enjoy peace and quite this is your place I say stay more then a weekend tho because you will not want to leave. Also there is a log in the cabin from the people who have stayed here it is very entertaining I sat and read that for a few hours. Submitted: Jan 11, 2011
May 2016
Whaaah - Don't make me leave/ I want to go back!!
What a delightful cabin - very rustic and homey. I don't think there is anything they forgot to put in this cabin. Felt right at home. The quirks of staying in a historic cabin made it so fun and full of character. It was very quiet - enjoyed the downtime. (Watch out for those mosquitoes though - there is a reason they're called the "state bird" - mean little buggars!) If you want 4 start luxury w/ a pool and someone to keep you entertained- don't come here. But if you enjoy playing games and connecting w/ your family, toodling about on a river that is so calm you think you're on a lake, cooking meals at home and roasting marshmallows, exploring the UP and pretending (if only for a minute) that you're a "Yooper" - then this is paradise!! I've already recommended this place to others - run, don't walk - reserve your space now!! Submitted: Aug 15, 2014 Stayed: Jul 2014
May 2016

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